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Shopping center could come to La Habra Heights

LA HABRA HEIGHTS >> For 37 years, this city has only allowed residential development. In fact, a real estate office is the only commercial area in town.

But that could change after Thursday’s night’s City Council 4-1 vote to approve an 180-day exclusive negotiating agreement with Costa Mesa-based Prism Realty to consider buying city-owned property and building a community shopping center there.

“It’s a parcel of land sitting their vacant,” said Councilman Brian Bergman about the 3-acre site at the southwest corner of Hacienda and West roads the city purchased for $480,000 in 2004 from Los Angeles County with the idea of building a new fire station.

That never happened and now it’s surplus property, Bergman said.

“It really doesn’t have much value,” he said. “We have a fiduciary relationship with the citizens to extract the highest price we can out of this property … so we can repair our roads. We’ve never really funded our paramedics.”

But the council needs to put something there that will be acceptable to the community, Bergman said.

La Habra Heights, Ca Shopping Center Location

The City Council is considering a deal that could sell a vacant three-acre site at the southwest corner of Hacienda and West roads to be developed as a community shopping center.


For example, that rules out putting in apartments, he said. In fact the council last year rejected a proposal from another developer for high-density housing, City Manager Shauna Clark said.

Bergman said he also doesn’t believe that single-family homes — no more than three would be allowed under the current zoning — would work because no one would want to live near the heavy traffic on Hacienda.

But there already is opposition to the proposal to consider commercial zoning for the lot.

That should be no surprise, said Jean Lietzau, who was on the City Council from 1978-90.

“We tried to do this about 35 years ago on the corner of East (Road) and Hacienda and the council almost got lynched,” Lietzau said.

Still, Lietzau is OK with the idea.

“If this council wants to do it, I say good for them,” she said.

But others aren’t.

“I am appalled by the fact that we’re even entertaining (the idea),” said Scott Thomas, a 40-year resident of La Habra Heights.

“If you allow one area to be developed for commercial real estate, there is no way for us to say no to any where else in the city,” Thomas said. “I’m concerned about traffic. Any commercial endeavor requires commercial traffic to be successful.”

Resident Norm Zezula said the general plan already forbids commercial zoning.

“The general plan states that La Habra Heights is a unique community because of its rural character. What part of unique doesn’t (the council) understand?”

Mayor Michael Higgins said opponents may be jumping to conclusions because there’s not even a project yet. In fact, Prism has yet to make an offer on the property.

Before the company can do that, it needs to do its due diligence on the site, such as traffic and other studies, Higgins said.

The council also would have to amend the zoning ordinance — right now the code has no mention of commercial zoning.

Higgins said Prism might bring in a couple of restaurants, a coffee shop or something like that on the lot. It also could be a gathering place for the community, he added.

Councilman Roy Francis, who cast the lone no vote, said the only way he would support it would be to put the issue to a vote of the residents.


Source: Whittier Daily News

2015 Community Awards Banquet

Name: Annual Community Awards and Installation Banquet
Date: July 15, 2015
Time: 11:00 AM2:00 PM PDT
La Habra Chamber of Commerce - Awards Banquet
Event Description:
Annual Community Awards and Installation Banquet
Each year we honor individuals, businesses and organizations that have shown exceptional achievements and service to our community. We also install our new Board of Directors and Chair for 2015 – 2016.

La Habra Chamber of Commerce - Awards BanquetThis is set at the beautiful Westridge Golf Club banquet room where we serve a grand buffet of cold cuts, assorted salads and more.

Selected to receive Awards are:
Citizen of the Year – Mayor Pro Tem James Gomez
Youth of the Year – Carrera Vilaubi
Business of the Year – Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy
Entrepreneur of the Year – Living Justly Industries, Inc
President’s Award – Cindy and Danny Singer
George Rochester Award – Captain Ernie Ramirez LACFD
Chamber Award – Coach Frank Mazzotta
Business Revitalization – McDonalds Hamburgers
Scott Lawrence Award – Victor Laveaga
Chamber Appreciation Award – Ernesto Oros
Golden Apple Award – Matt Tiberg & Kathy Silvas
Special Appreciation Award – Barry Ross & Robert Morales
Chamber Night Special Award – Larry Rottweiler and Armando Gomez



City Council votes to begin process that could bring shopping center to city

LA HABRA HEIGHTS – The City Council Thursday voted 4-1 to begin a process that could end up in the sale of city-owned property to a developer who would put in a neighborhood shopping center.

The council approved an 180-day exclusive negotiating agreement with Prism Realty about the nearly three-acre property at the southwest corner of Hacienda and West roads.

“It’s an empty lot, a non-performing asset,” said Mayor Michael Higgins.

“It could be very good for this community,” Higgins said. “We’re being responsive to the needs of the community. We’re looking at a potential asset that could bring in a little more revenue.”

The city purchased the property in the early 2000s with the thought of building a new fire station, but it never happened.

Several residents opposed the agreement, saying the city’s general plan doesn’t allow commercial projects and such a development would ruin La Habra Heights’ rural character.

Councilman Roy Francis cast the lone no vote.


Source: Whittier Daily News


Rosemary Paper Co. Loves the Lettering

Rosemary Paper Jam - La Habra Heights, Ca

Rosemary Paper Jam – La Habra Heights, Ca

It’s ironic that a girl, scolded in grade school for her terrible handwriting, now finds an enriching hobby in typography. “I literally failed cursive in fourth grade,” says Eunice Park from La Habra Heights, Ca, the founder of Rosemary Paper Co., “but I turned my failed hand-lettering into my craft.”

Park metriculated at the Orange County High School of the Arts, then went to UCLA for music and art history, but she never officially studied as a visual artist. Her black-and-white, no-frills offerings gained her a loyal following on social media. Rosemary Paper Co. stands out for its simple, childlike and imperfect beauty. The company specializes in custom wedding invitations and lettered prints with Park’s favorite uplifting quotes. “I definitely see a movement toward brides wanting to take creative control of their paper goods,” Park says. “Hiring small designers such as myself gives the client free range to create what they truly love.” Read more

What’s Your Favoriate Asian Restaurant In & Around La Habra | La Habra Heights?

Best Chinese - Sushi -Thai Fod In La Habra | La habra Heights, Ca

 If your seeing this on facebook, click this link and vote for your favorite place to get your asian fix for dinner.

Best Asian Restaurants In & Around La Habra & La Habra Heights, Ca

View Results

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La Habra police shut down illegal massage businesses

By Jaimee Lynn Fletcher
La Habra Bust Massage Parlors

Heavily draped windows and neon signs like these often alert officers to a potential illicit massage business. La Habra Police on Friday, May 29, ran a sting operation to target the illegal businesses. Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OCPhoto by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC

In some ways, they look the same — darkened, musky rooms with unmarked bottles of oil and a roll of toilet paper on a shelf nearby.

Neon signs glowing in heavily draped windows advertise services.

Beds draped with dingy towels serve as a centerpiece for each room.

Plastic surgical gloves are stuffed in drawers and customer records are kept on lined notebook paper.

The smell is distinct, and it’s not pleasant.

The business with the Pepto-Bismol pink walls has torn-out magazine photos of Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lawrence taped on the wall above bottles of baby powder and lotion. Read more

Coffee with the Mayor June 13th 9am-10:30am

Coffee with La Habra Heights MayorSave the date – SATURDAY JUNE 13th 9am – 1030am
Coffee with the Mayor – CITY HALL – MPR Room

Michael Higgins La Habra Heights Mayor

Michael Higgins – LHH Mayor

Come and talk with the Mayor and rotating council members in a relaxed conversational atmosphere. This is your opportunity to introduce new ideas, show support, or voice concerns regarding city policy and direction.

If you prefer a conversational engaging style of meeting over the constraints of the City Council meeting format – Coffee with the Mayor is for you.

If you have shied away from attending City Council meetings because of the perceived unpleasant atmosphere that sometimes occurs – Coffee with the Mayor is for you.

The goal is a friendly get together with lots of information exchanged, concerns addressed, and to do our best to answer questions raised.

Community building starts with events like this so please consider attending.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Citrus Fair to lure 50,000 to town

2015 La Habra,Ca  Citrus FairThe 6th Annual La Habra Citrus Fair is returning today and runs through Sunday.

The festival full of music, food and entertainment raises money for the hosting La Habra Area Chamber of Commerce and local organizations, last year raising about $40,000.

Free to attend, it is expected to lure 50,000 visitors to the city of roughly 60,0000 this time, according to the chamber.

2015 La Habra,Ca  Citrus Fair“We have been working on this project since the day after last year’s fair,” Mark Sturdevant, president of the La Habra Area Chamber, said in a statement. “We expect it to be bigger and better than last year – with something to entertain and educate all ages.”

The Fair’s youth talent show kicks off tonight. Every night there will be live music and dancing, including a DJ on Friday and Sunday and the band Soto on Saturday.

For Sunday’s “Citrus de Mayo” there will be Mexican music, with performances by bandas and Washington Middle School’s mariachis.

All weekend, interested livestock owners can look to purchase goats, cattle, sheep, pigs and rabbits with the Sunday auction benefiting Future Farmers of America groups and the La Habra Hilltoppers‘ 4-H program.

There will be free Zumba classes and other fitness-aimed events at El Centro Lions Park.

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